At Seasons Bali, we believe that having fun and making the most what the world has to offer is extremely therapeutic and essential to your recovery. Nothing gives us greater pleasure than noticing the enjoyment of our clients as they engage in new activity or rediscovering often forgotten reserves of happiness or joy.

An integral feature of our rehabilitation program focuses on helping clients reconnect with their creativity and passions, often lost to the agony of dysfunctional living which results from alcoholism or addiction. We encourage each client to have fun, to engage in their surroundings and to discover greater meaning in their lives.

To help you rediscover passion, joy, fun, excitement and an appreciation of beauty and nature, a wide range of activities are available on the weekends for your enjoyment. The most popular include:
Water activities: Surfing, snorkeling, beach and ocean fishing, trekking, horse riding, beach walks and volcano climbing.

– – Cultural Pursuits: Art galleries, live music. local culture. and markets.
– – Being nice to yourself, or self-nurture: beauty therapy, day spas, sound therapy.
– – Learning new skills: Dance, music, art, singing, creative writing.

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