Seasons Bali offers a drug and alcohol rehab solution with a proven substance abuse treatment program.

28 Day Drug Program

Our Proven Recovery Program

Our treatment is an exclusive program that takes no more than twelve clients at a time. Seasons clients receive the focused attention of our qualified therapists and support staff and our boutique setting ensures absolute anonymity.


Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Drug And Alcohol Rehabilitation

Seasons is a drug rehab centre established by the founder of the Raymond Hader Clinic, which is based in Australia and is one of the leading providers of rehabilitation and addiction treatment services for individuals suffering from drug and alcohol related issues.


Addiction treatment services

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For substance abuse help call us for a ‘no obligation’ discussion about your options. We have staff available 24-7 to answer your call. We guarantee complete confidentiality and discretion.


Seasons’ caters to people from all around the World including Australia, The US and South East Asia.


Is Addiction Running Your Life?

Are you ready to start living an extraordinary life? That life begins at Seasons.
– Our rehabilitation centre will treat your underlying issues, not just your addiction
– Seasons is a secluded and secure, private addiction treatment centre
– We offer 24 hour personal care by an outstanding accredited clinical team
– We’ve been providing drug & alcohol rehab addiction treatment for over 14 years


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