Seasons Bali offers a drug and alcohol rehab solution with a proven substance abuse treatment program.

28 Day Drug Program

Our Proven Recovery Program

Our treatment is an exclusive program that takes no more than twelve clients at a time. Seasons clients receive the focused attention of our qualified therapists and support staff and our boutique setting ensures absolute anonymity.


Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Drug And Alcohol Rehabilitation

Seasons is a drug rehab centre established by the founder of the Raymond Hader Clinic, which is based in Australia and is one of the leading providers of rehabilitation and addiction treatment services for individuals suffering from drug and alcohol related issues.


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For substance abuse help call us for a ‘no obligation’ discussion about your options. We have staff available 24-7 to answer your call. We guarantee complete confidentiality and discretion.


Seasons Bali is a private rehab that allows substance dependent people to deal with their dependency and enhance their potential to remain alcohol and drug-free. This is achieved through personalised drug and alcohol luxury rehab programs both in outpatient and inpatient settings to ensure ongoing client support. Our substance abuse programs are research-based and are designed to provide long lasting freedom from drugs and alcohol.

Seasons Bali is a private rehab facility based in Bali, Indonesia.

All facets of the luxury rehab drug and alcohol program are based on extensive research and experience into the most successful methods to ensure recovery. Seasons Bali has an absolute commitment to enable clients to achieve their full potential. This includes dealing with the underlying causes and consequences of the addiction and providing continuing rehabilitative support in a luxury rehab environment of respect, dignity and support. You can visit the rest of our website to know more about us.

All residents have their own spacious quarters with ensuite bathroom, which allows space to retreat and relax during breaks from program activities. This is just one of boutique features of the Seasons Bali luxury rehab program, which adds to the therapeutic environment and aids the healing process.

The Seasons Bali private rehab is located on the beautiful tropical island of Bali, where the lush surroundings and peaceful atmosphere provide an ideal setting for healing, transformation and recovery.


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